Turning a New Leaf

Allison #TurningANewLeaf

Generations Family Health Center has launched a campaign that will impact our employees, our patients and the community.
Called “Turning a New Leaf”, (#TurningANewLeaf) it will provide many opportunities for improvement – from each and every one of us.



Turning a new leaf yourself. Have you recently lost weight, started an exercise program, reduced your blood pressure or stopped smoking? Let’s share those victories! They don’t need to be huge as every effort is significant.

Show kindness. So many times our community goes above and beyond what is required. Share these special acts by letting us know. It could be volunteering in the community or donating your skills to a worthy cause.

Have you learned a new skill. Everyday we are required to learn new things for our job, as part of a family, or for our own self improvement. It could be a continuing education class you take, a healthy lifestyle fitness class or even a craft you’ve always wanted to learn.

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tell us what you’ve done, and attach a photo of you doing your New Leaf activity.
Group photo? We also accept group photos submitted. Please be sure to list the relationship to you, and the achievement. Make sure to get permission from the individuals in the photo. High-resolution cell phone pictures are requested.

Let’s start 2016 with a positive, healthy attitude. We hope you can help us to achieve this goal for our patients and the community!

Generations Family Health Center reserves the right to not use photos submitted and those deemed inappropriate.