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Nurturing Family Playgroup

nuturing family playgroup

Join us on Wed, Feb 20 from 2:30-4 p.m.

at our Nurturing Family Network Playgroup (open to the public). more info

Join us for Valentine’s Celebration! Play Groups are designed for parents with children 0-5 who are looking for fun, Interactive and educational activities.

Generations, 2nd Floor, 40 Mansfield Ave, Willimantic

For any questions, please call Travis West at 860-450-7471 Ext. 6308. Snacks & refreshments served.

Homeless Persons Memorial Dinner in Norwich

GALLERY: Homeless Persons Memorial Dinner in Norwich

Pre-K Children Flu Shots

Deadline Dec 31 2018

If you have pre-K children, time is running short for you to get them flu shots. The deadline is Dec. 31, and the Department of Health says it’s a requirement. If they don’t get flu shots by the 31st, then they must be kept home from school for the duration of flu season (through March 31), unless they get the shot. Call your Generations' provider to arrange for a flu shot if you have not done so yet.

No-Freeze Shelter

Once a month, Generations provides walk-in medical care at the No-Freeze Shelter in Willimantic. They also help to secure medical, dental and behavioral health insurance. Shelter clients are given first-aid supplies, warm glove and a gift card for coffee or a sandwich. Generations is proud to support this center during these very cold days.

nofreeze shelter news

Girl Talk Group - Empowering Girls (New Starting Date)


This group will explore the common challenges that middle school girls face as they are developing their identities, as well as tools and strategies to build self-esteem. The group will offer interactive discussions and fun activities that will foster learning and self-esteem.

Who is invited?

Girls ages 11 - 13


Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm (Beginning January 9)


Generations’ Family Health Center
40 Mansfield Ave • Willimantic


You must pre-register for the group.

All potential participants must meet or have phone contact with group leader: Lacy Kornilieff, LCSW, 860-450-0585 ex 6289.

A maximum of 6 girls per group.

Learning objectives:

• What self-esteem is and what it means to each group participant • Identifying at least one thing that hurts self-esteem and at least one thing that helps improve self-esteem • Identifying negative self-talk • Identifying negative images about body image that girls receive from society and identifying positive images that girls should get from society • Identifying warning signs of an unhealthy relationship • Dangers of social media and ways to stay safe


- If a participant is not already a GFHC Behavioral health therapy client, they MUST have an assessment prior to starting group.

- A parent/guardian must be present for the first group and the last group in order to review treatment plans.

- This is a closed group; no new members will be able to join after the first group.  


Medicare Advantage Plan Changes

Generations Family Health Center is excited to let you know as of November 1, 2018, we are in network with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Insurance again!

Generations Family Health Center currently accepts the following Medicare Advantage Plans:

• Anthem MediBlue plans
• Aetna Medicare Advantage
• Connecticare Medicare Advantage plans
• All UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans

Please note that it is Medicare Open Enrollment time. If you are a current Medicare user, now through December 7th,
is the time for you to re-evaluate your Medicare Advantage and/or Part D plan and compare it against all the other plans
on the market.

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