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Benefits of group counseling

Generations Family Health Center offers therapeutic groups for patients with common concerns. Many can benefit from group 

therapy because:

  • Groups provide support. You are not alone in having challenges.
  • Groups ease that sense of isolation.
  • Groups provide a sounding board.
  • Groups can propel you forward. People often push themselves harder when they see what others are doing.
  • Groups promote social skills

How these Groups are run:

  • Groups are led by our trained clinicians.
  • Our clinicians act as facilitators and educators.
  • Our clinicians offer strategies for effectively dealing with issues.

Anger management

This group is designed to help participants develop coping strategies to manage and reduce anger, practice relaxation and mindfulness skills; identify triggers to anger; and improve assertive communication with role-playing exercises. 

Anxiety/depression support group

This group is designed for both men and women, seeking support and guidance related to managing and building positive relationships with others experiencing similar struggles.  

Boys social skill building

This group is to teach boys ages 8–12 about social skills, and to help them to improve their ability to make friends and maintain relationships. They will learn about a variety of communication skills (including non-verbal), expressing feelings, problem solving skills, listening skills, and conflict management. 

Girls circle

This group is designed for girls ages 11–13.  Participants will explore the common challenges that middle school girls face as they are developing their identities, as well as tools and strategies to build self-esteem. This group will offer interactive discussions and fun activities that will foster learning and self-esteem.  

Chronic pain

This group is designed to help participants better understand and work through issues associated with chronic pain. Sessions teach skills associated with overcoming life barriers, stress management, and practicing mindfulness. This group is designed for individuals who struggle with self-negativity.  

Improving wellness and reducing self-negativity

This group is designed for individuals who struggle with self-negativity. This support group can give people the skills to manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships. It can help to improve their ability to tolerate distress and negative emotions by getting the skills to regulate emotions and tolerate stress.  

Mindfulness & meditation

This group, for both men and women, will teach various mindfulness and meditation techniques to adults of all ages. Learn about and practice a multitude of mindfulness/meditation techniques including deep breathing, gazing, body scans, guided meditation, progressive relaxation, mindful eating, yoga, journaling, walking meditation, music, chanting, expressing gratitude, and loving-kindness. 

Transition into adulthood

This group is for young people ages 18–24 who are facing difficulties during the time of transition towards independence. Generations is able to offer support for these individuals who are facing these challenges by building confidence and offering resources. 

For more information please call:

Willimantic Behavioral Health Department:
(860) 450-0585
Putnam Behavioral Health Department
(860) 973-7917

We are always adding new support groups. Check with our Behavioral Health Department for new groups.

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