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Mask It Up


Although we have a vaccine and better days are ahead, we CANNOT let our guard down and need to continue to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID -19. **Mask-wearing is one of the most important and effective prevention strategies we have in reducing the risk of COVID-19. Generations Family Health Center & the Northeast District Department of Health teamed up with hip hop artist Zack Kindall on ‘Mask It Up’ to promote mask-wearing among middle-school to college-age youths.

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Listen to the full version and download “Mask It Up” by Zack Kindall from Spotify for free.

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Meet the Artist: Zack Kindall

Zack Kindall, a 20-year old recording artist based out of Connecticut, is a former student and athlete at Eastern Connecticut State University. His first song, Catastrophe, released in 2019, led to a strong following on social media and one million streams on Spotify within the year. His creativity and growing popularity as a social media influencer crossed paths with Generations and NDDH at a perfect time. Kindall will add Mask It Up to his repertoire as he prepares a music tour to Europe and North Africa in 2021.


“I am inspired to use my music as a platform to uplift people and bring more joy to this world just like other artists have done for me. I love being able to see people smile from my music – especially during these stressful times - and I want to have a positive impact on them. At the end of the day that is what matters most to me. I hope people like the song, but more importantly, I hope they take the message seriously and ‘Mask It Up.’” – Zack Kindall

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“Mask It Up”

Performed by
Zack Kindall

Lyrics by
Zack Kindall
Linda Colangelo

Music Production
“Dubai Drip” under license from HossyBeats

Nora Alpers-Leon
TyQuan Anderson
Raphael Joseph
Alice Mahon
Julia Maranzano
Micah Spruance

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Generations Family Health Center
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Northeast District Department of Health
Linda Colangelo

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