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Generations * Awarded Grant Funds to Help with Issues Plaguing them Included the Opioid Crisis*

Generations Family Health Center, Inc. is the recipient of two grants to help make a difference with access to care and increasing challenges in the community. Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded Generations Family Health Center $129,000 to help combat the opioid crisis is eastern Connecticut. In addition, Generations will be using a $25,000 grant from the Connecticut Health Foundation to provide care coordination to individuals who were formerly incarcerated, to ensure a healthy return to the local community.

The $129,000 grant will help Generations to ensure more rapid access to Behavioral Health care with an a new Intake Clinician, and a new Substance Abuse Care Coordinator to help patients enter and navigate the complicated health care system, and monitor progress while the patients seek care elsewhere.That care may include local substance abuse programs or pain management alternatives in the case of a patient with opioid addictions. The same federal grant will fund recurring training with a Psychiatrist for the agency’s medical providers, to ensure comprehensive knowledge of psychiatric disorders and treatment (including opioids). This will be an integral part of a new initiative at the organization to provide integrated care across multiple disciplines. A community-wide forum for Behavioral Health Substance Abuse awareness will also be held in 2018.

The other grant that Generations received will help former inmates to re-enter the community by coordinating their health care needs, and providing them with a health care home at Generations. The care coordinator will help address any system barriers these individuals face as they seek care, and link them to the local resources which are available.

According to Arvind Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Generations Family Health Center, Inc., “These two grants will provide Generations with the resources to help make our communities healthier and help to combat two major societal issues plaguing eastern Connecticut.”

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