A statement from Generations - June 2020

condemn racism

We condemn racism in all its forms and demand that we do better as a society so that all of our residents can live freely, without disparity in the treatment of individuals.

The Mission for Community Health Centers was created from the Civil Rights movement, to seek healthcare equality after centuries of oppression of minorities and the poor.  In 1983, our community responded to the health crisis, and created Generations to improve access for patient services- free from any kind of discrimination- and this was developed further over the coming years with goals of 100% Access and 0% Disparities for all of our patients.  The evidence that we have maintained this goal is shown in the improved health outcomes of the patients we serve. We must continue this effort, to ensure healthcare equality for all.

Together we can be better. We can listen more closely to each other and try harder to understand each other. To reach the better world which we all seek, we must be open to having safe discussions about our own conscious and unconscious biases, our judgment of what is right and wrong,  and be able to understand how these beliefs affect our environment and how it ultimately affects each other, as we are all interconnected. In the end, we are all members of the same race, it’s the human race. With this in mind, we encourage all to leave room in your daily lives for compassion and space in your hearts for love.

Generations Family Health Center Senior Management Team