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Teen Girls


Making friends can be difficult for teenage girls. Our new group supports female adolescents ages 12-16 who have trouble making and keeping friends. If you know someone with limited social skills and insights around healthy relationships, this group may be helpful for her to join. They meet on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 at our Willimantic site. Call (860) 456-6287 to register. Begins Mar 25.

The Social Media Battle Ground



Generations' very own Clinical Therapist from our Willimantic Behavioral Health Department recently had an article published in Family Therapy Magazine titled “The Social Media Battle Ground”. Congratulations Kate! It’s an awesome article that is very informative for all parents.

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Bysiewicz Quells Census Fears


The Chronicle, Thursday, January 16, 2020

Bysiewicz Quells Census Fears


'We don't want anyone to be afraid to fill out the Census form'

WILLIMANTIC — Local and state leaders gathered Wednesday to remind residents about the importance of the upcoming census.

But in addition to merely reminding folks to participate, Wednesday’s event at Generations Family Health Center in Willimantic aimed to relieve concerns about respondents’ privacy and protection, especially when it comes to local immigrants.

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz visited Generations to discuss the 2020 United States Census.

" The governor and I have been on a mission to make sure that we meet all the challenges of the digital divide, hard- to- count areas, and the challenge of the citizenship question," Bysiewicz said. " We don’t want anyone to be afraid to fill out the Census form."

Nationally, the Trump administration has targeted immigrant populations, with federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials conducting regular sweeps of undocumented immigrants.

This has caused consternation among many immigrant populations who are fearful that, if they fill out census forms, they’ll be

deported, even if they’ve lived in this country most — if not all — of their lives.

Wednesday, Bysiewicz was accompanied by U.S.

Census Congressional and Tribal Senior Partnership Specialist Eva Bunnell.

Soon after the gubernatorial election, Bysiewicz directed both state and local efforts on the importance of the complete count, especially in hard- to- count communities.

" In this area, we have predicted that more than 35 percent of the population are not likely to self- respond," Bunnell said. "It’s power and it’s money."

Census data is used to calculate federal funding, congressional and state legislative districts.

Windham is considered a hard- to- count community because of its college student population, rental population and low- income population, among others.

Speakers also attempted to relieve concerns among immigrant populations who might not feel safe being counted.

" There are many people in our community who are underserved and the resources to meet those needs won’t be there if people aren’t counted," said state Sen. Mae Flexer, D- Killingly.

Several other community partners spoke on the importance of the U.S. Census, such as state Rep. Susan Johnson, D- Willimantic; newly elected state Rep. Brian Smith, D- Colchester; state Rep. Pat Wilson Pheanious, D- Ashford; Windham Town Council President and Acting Mayor Thomas DeVivo; Generations CEO Arvind Shaw; Willimantic Public Library Director Daniel Paquette; Eastern Connecticut State University Student Conduct Director Christopher Ambrosio; and Generations Health Center Advocacy Coordinator Susan Beauregard.

" We’re the boots on the ground," Beauregard said. "Our patients talk to us about other concerns beyond their medical conditions. We anticipate that patients are going to have questions about the Census."

Beauregard also serves as chairperson of the Windham No Freeze Project Board of Directors.

Bysiewicz and Bunnell explained the Census process going forward.

Between March 12 and March 20, United States residents will receive a letter in the mail to respond online to the 2020 Census.

A second reminder letter

will be sent between March 16 and March 24.

Areas that are less likely to respond online will receive a paper questionnaire along with their invitation.

Census workers conducting in-person counts will be the last option for residents.

Part-time Census workers are still needed to facilitate those counts.

More information about the Census is available at

Follow Claire Galvin on Twitter - @ CGalvinTC.

In this area, we have predicted that more than 35 percent of the population are not likely to selfrespond. It’s power and it’s money.

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November Nurturing Family Network Playgroup

Fall Nurturing Family Network Playgroup

Join us on November 20 from 3:30 to 5 pm at Nurturing Family Network Playgroup as we welcome Fall. Play Groups are designed for parents with children 0-5 who are looking for fun, interactive and educational activities

We will be making funny turkeys

Open to the public.

November 20, 3:30 - 5 pm

Generations Family Health Center 40 Mansfield Ave, Willimantic

To register please contact NING CRUZADO at 860-450-7471 ext 6304 OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More Info > 

Dads Supporting Dads


Dads Supporting Dads

Friday, December 20, 2019



WINDHAM/WILLIMANTIC — In the 21st century, modern dads are shifting from "babysitting" or " daddy duty," and instead trying to take an active role in their child’s development.

To help them, one local health center offers fatherhood classes, aptly named " 24/7 Dad."

The next session of 24/7 Dad starts Jan. 8 at the Generations Family Health Center in Willimantic.

The free, 12-week series on fatherhood is open to anyone who wants to improve their fathering skills, whether they are new dads, new stepdads, new foster or adopting dads or any male caregivers in general.

The course takes place Wednesdays from 4: 30 to 6: 30 p. m. at Generations at 40 Mansfield Ave., Willimantic.

Fatherhood Family Support Provider Travis West said, when he first started offering programs like these about six years ago, there were few programs designed for fathers.

" When I first became a dad, there wasn’t anything around for dads," West said. "Dads weren’t expected to do as much. Everything is geared toward moms. So it’s nice to see something geared toward dads."

West said, for example, when he did drop- off and pick- up at school, he used to get weird looks because he was the only father there.

The series covers many different topics new fathers may face, like discipline, communication and development issues. Other issues modern dads may face are covered, such as co-parenting for parents that may be separated or blended families.

Although the series covers these specific topics, fathers are encouraged to discuss any issues they may be working through.

" We’re never going to be perfect," West said. " We’re always going to grow and learn from each other."

For example, at one recent meeting, one father discussed how he and his child’s mother were going to " split" the holidays between each parent.

The dads also discussed Christmas shopping and what gifts their children requested.

Participants during that meeting explained why they wanted to enroll in the series.

"When I was growing up, my mom was a heavy alcoholic," Willimantic resident Jon Standish said. " I didn’t want to be like how my mom was, always aggressive, always abusive."

Standish has three children ages 5, 3 and 7 months old.

Windham resident Josh Williamson, father of a 14-month-old, said he signed up to hopefully learn better co- parenting skills.

" It’s an excellent education," Williamson said. " I want what’s best for my son, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to learn more."

The program is open to anyone, regardless of whether they are Generations patients.

West said, in addition to 24/ 7 Dad, the Doctor Dad workshop series teaches fathers health and safety for babies and toddlers.

The next Doctor Dad workshop will start Feb. 10 at 5 p. m. in the Willimantic WIC Office at the Access Community Action Agency at 1315 Main St.

In addition to fatherhood programs, West also offers a men’s group. The free group meets next Jan. 18 from 10 a. m. to 11: 30 a. m. at the Willimantic Generations.

The men’s group covers all issues that may relate to men, not just fathers.

These programs are offered through the Nurturing Families Network program from Generations.

For more information or to register for the programs, contact West at 860-450-7471, ext. 6308, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Follow Claire Galvin on Twitter - @CGalvinTC

Nurturing Family Network January 20


Nurturing Family Network January 2020

Join us on January 22 from 10:30 - Noon at Nurturing Family Network Playgroup as we celebrate January.

Play Groups are designed for parents with children 0-5 who are looking for fun, interactive and educational activities

  • We will be making Paper Bag Snowmen

Open to the public. Refreshments served.

These programs are offered through the Nurturing Families Network program from Generations.

Generations Family Health Center, 40 Mansfield Ave, Willimantic

For more information or to register for the programs, contact Carmen Alamo at 860-450-7471, ext. 6503


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