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Generations Family Health Center is now offering Telemedicine

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Generations Family Health Center is now offering Telemedicine when appropriate for our Medical and Behavioral Health patients. 




Telemedicine is a visit through video chat or a phone call with your provider (Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Behavioral Health Clinician or Psychiatrist.)  It is easy, confidential, and covered by many insurance plans.

A telemedicine visit can give you the care you need and save you a trip into the health center.




As of now, all existing Generations patients are eligible for a telehealth appointment if you have had at least one in-person visit at the health center.




1.  When you call for an appointment now, staff will ask if you are willing to schedule a telehealth visit for your care.  If you decline, we will decide how else to address your health care needs.  If you agree, it will be scheduled.

2.  If you already have an appointment scheduled, staff from Generations Family Health Center will call you and ask whether you would like to use our telehealth services for your scheduled visit.

3.  If a telehealth appointment is scheduled, staff will ask your permission to select email, text, or both as your preferred method(s) of contact.

4.  On the day of your appointment, staff will call you 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. The staff member will tell you when the provider will contact you by phone or video to start your visit.




The telephonic check-in process will include Generations staff asking the patient the following questions:

•    Name      

•    Email address   

•    Cell phone number      

•    Date of birth




Your Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Clinician, or Psychiatrist will then call you for a phone visit or send you a link for a video chat.

•    If your visit is a video visit, Generations staff will ask how you would like to receive the link to turn on the video chat (options are via email or text).

•    You will receive the following message and must click on it.


  Secure chat1Secure chat2



•    The patient will be asked to allow UpDox to access camera and microphone

     You must say yes to both questions.

•    You will then be connected and can begin your video visit.




•    Can I join from anywhere?


Yes! As long as you have access to Wi-Fi or data.


•    Is my visit private/secure?


Yes. UpDox is a HIPAA secure connection. Please make sure you are in a private place for the call or video visit.


•    Are interpretation services available for a telemedicine visit?


Yes. Please discuss with Generations staff when scheduling your telemedicine visit.


•    What devices can I use?


You can use your smartphone (such as a Google/Samsung Android or iPhone), tablet (such as an iPad or Surface), or computer as long as there is a microphone and camera. 


•    What else do I need to know?


Be sure to check your internet connection. Wi-Fi is best for a great video experience.


Use headphones or make sure you’re in a quiet area. This will keep your

visit private.


The following Internet Search Engines are recommended: Chrome and Safari work best. Firefox and Edge/Explorer do not work consistently as well.


Printable Instructions:  English   |   Español  




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